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What do You Mean by ANXIETY AND What are its Types


Out of all the psychological, emotional and mental maladies, anxiety disorders is the most common affecting over 30% of the total population of the world.

Anxiety disorder is a broader spectrum, which has several following manifestations :

Different Types Of “ANXIETY”


Generalized Anxiety Disorder is excessive worry about an array things such as personal health, work, social interactions and everyday routine stress.

The G.A.D is the most common kind which is widely spread all over the world today.

Specific Phobia

An intense fear, or aversions to specific conditions and situations . A phobia can be towards any circumstance or situation, some people develop thanatophobia. Which is the fear of death and extreme worry about the worst happenings.

Hydrophobia that is the fear of going near or in water , claustrophobia that is the fear of being in closed spaces, etc.

Social Anxiety

Extreme worries about actions or behaviors in a social environment. Which evokes a fear of feeling embarrassed , when in a social gathering and hence leads to a kind of self imposed isolation.

In the case of social anxiety, a person tends to become self conscious and thinks as if anyone can make fun of them if they speak up in the group , and, hence these people are lead to the way of loneliness and solitude.

Panic Disorder

Episode of intense fear that comes on quickly and reach their peak within a few minutes . It can be triggered due to some bad situation or condition which one must have faced in their life. It can last from few minutes to several hours and makes the anxiety grieve.

Anxiety isn’t all bad. Sometimes it’s a life-saver. Its an evolutionary trait meant to protect us from marauding animals and other dangers. In a normal measure, It is an alarm system (marauding beasts) and a motivator. The push needed to finish a project on time or meet a deadline.

But when this exceeds its benign function as a temporary motivator, when it overflows its banks, flooding the mind with toxic thoughts and poisonous worries and monkeying with the body’s stress hormones, havoc ensues.

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