Nails Shades 2020 | Top Nails Shades Brand 2020

Great nails don’t happen by chance.” Our nails are like jewels, and we should not use it like tool or weapon. Instead we should take care of our nails, pamper them, paint them, give them shape. and take proper care of it and prevent it like luxury.

Our nails needs someone to look after them. Why not go for a manicure and nail art, as it can fix all our problems .

Bored of the same old shades on your nails? Try Nails Shades 2020 .

Today, all the females wants to compete and make other female jealous of their looks, attire and even nails. So why should we use the old boring shades on our nails when we can make them look the best and show it off.

Out of my personal experience I can say that the shade that we put on our nails, defines put choices.

So two of my favorite nail paint shades are, “You’re such a Budapest” And ” LIV in the grey” by OPI brand. Which is one of the best in the market today.

 My first favorite You’re such a Budapest is such a lovely, gorgeous and mesmerizing periwinkle shade from the infinite shine range .

It is the perfect blend of blue and purple with extra shine, that makes this shade absolutely attractive and worth appreciation. This shade is a perfect option for the spring and summer. It reminds me of all the beautiful periwinkle colored flowers!

My second favorite LIV in the gray is a beautiful and attractive slate gray color. If you love monochrome but are apprehensive about stepping out of our comfort zone, gray is a great and superb choice and alternate shade to try out. This shade is actually quite versatile. I, a lover of everything dark, absolutely love this shade. It’s a dark shade that’s suitable even for the workplace.

Life is not perfect, but our nails can be.

“Keep Calm And Paint Your Nails”

Who doesn’t like colouring their nails with some bright, gorgeous and ravishing hues and designs over and over again? I personally love it, and I am quite passionate about different nail paints and designing them, so that before people can catch hold my mysterious personality, their 👀 catches my nails and they’re mesmerized.

“I make nail contact before I make eye contact. ”

When it comes to shopping for our nails , we are often confused about which brand will provide us with the most attractive and coolest colors. Which ones will last longest and which ones are the safest? These are the questions that revolve in the mind of every female when she’s out to buy a nail paint.

To keep your NAIL GAME STRONG, you can try two of my favorite brands that provide us with variety of amazing hues and long lasting texture and quality.

These brands are the best and promises to satisfy their customers and provide them with the best experience.

Top Nails Shades Brand 2020

The brand which I like the most when I have to choose a nail paint, it is LAKME . It is a go -to brand for most of the makeup in India and has got great and huge collection of nail polishes as well. We also got to love and appreciate that this brand provides us with with deliciously bright colors that we just can’t not buy. Fast and Fabulous by LAKME is a line which is indeed true and describes the nail polishes in the best way. That we undoubtedly love for how they’re safe, affordable and brightly coloured.

Colour Crush – with its gorgeous range of coloured nail polishes and True Wear – for its nude and plain colours are two other lines from Lakme that are great.

My second favorite brand that is most trusted these days is an International brand Maybelline that is all over India for our trendy make-up needs. With their fabulous and beautiful collection of nail colors in the lines “Color Show” And “Express Finish” , they’ve literally taken over the nail polish scene in India. This brand is quite affordable too.

If you’re looking for a nail colour that stays put for a long time without fading out, ‘Super stay-7’ from Maybelline is what you should go for.

I personally love it, and I am quite passionate about different nail paints and designing them. So that before people can catch hold my mysterious personality, their 👀 catches my nails and they’re mesmerized.

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