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Depression | Signs and Symptoms of Depression


The first step to cure depression is to understand what is actually is? According to W.H.O., depression is the main cause of disability worldwide. It can affect coma adult’s adolescence and children a persistent feeling of sadness feeling down and loss of interest in daily life activities. It can be typically defined as a mood disorder that involves a continuous and persistent feeling of displeasure.

However, It is quite different from the mood swing a mood fluctuations that people regularly experience, as a part of life. Depression is basically a feeling of grief.

Depression is an ongoing problem not a passing one. Its intensity arises from person to person. Depression can last for several weeks months or even years.

Depression isn’t always in the suicide mood notes and pill bottles. It is also when a person has to fake a smile being emotionally distant social isolation skipping work to sleep spending the whole day in the bed not showering for days at a time and over eating or not eating at all.

 We can observe certain warning signs even before the depression have set in. Such signs are one is always looking at the floor a person shows up with blank expression becomes emotionally distant becomes quieter and apathetic.

The person often fields tired and faces difficulties in concentration. Human going through anxiety and depression experiences loss of appetite. Irregular sleeping patterns and struggles to engage in conversation.

Depression can be e aptly described as a serious medical condition in which a person feels really sad unimportant important and hopeless.

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and hurtful than anything that bleeds

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression can include a depressed mood dis pleasurable. Outlook towards activities once enjoyed a loss of sexual Desire changes in appetite unintentional weight loss or gain sleeping too much or too little agitation restlessness and pacing up and down blood movements and speech fatigue and loss of energy feeling of worthlessness guilt difficult thinking and concentrating on making decisions and recurrent thoughts of death and suicide or an attempt to suicide.

Signs in Females

Depression in females is twice more common than in men. According to the centers for Disease Control and prevention some symptoms that tend to appear more often in females are irritate ability anxiety mood swings fatigue and ruminating. Postpartum depression and premenstrual dysphonic disorder are types of depressions unique to females.

Signs in Males

Around 9% of men in United States feeling of depression or anxiety according to American psychological Association. Males with depression are more likely to engage in excessive drinking display angle and getting involved in risky situations. Other symptoms visible in mails are avoiding family and social situations working continuously and displaying obsessive abusive dominant and controlling behavior in a relationship.

Signs in Teens

Physical changes peer pressure and other sexual curiosity can contribute depression in teenagers. Some of the following symptoms they may experience are are withdrawing from family and friends difficulty concentrating on school work restless worthless an inability to sit still

Signs in Children

According to CDC estimate in US about 3.2 % of children and teens between 3 to 17 years have a diagnosis of depression. Their symptoms include crying clingeness low energy defiant behavior and vocal outbursts.

Natural remedies to cure Depression

Natural remedies to cure Depression

Instead of being dependent on medication one should adopt natural herbal remedies to treat mild to moderate depression. According to me e the herbal remedies meditation and few yoga as nurse can help one feel good and rejuvenated and if one adopts these measures for a long time and follow it with discipline and consistency then they can easily come out of the state of depression and stop dwelling upon negative thoughts and instantly catch a positive Vibe and feel fresh

Few herbs that are medically tested and approved for easing depression are

St.John’s hlort

It is a plant native to Europe Western Asia and northern Africa. This plant is linked to increase the amount of serotonin in the body which is a feel good chemical in the brain according to an it can be used to cure the the mild form of depression. And it is advisory that one should always check with doctor before taking this herb

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy type of fat found in fish such as salmon, trout and sardines. They are also available in in supplement form and are sometimes cal fish oil capsules. By just increasing the quantity of fish you eat you can increase the amount of fatty acid and reduce the risk of depression.


Saffron is a Spice derived from a a dry portion of a crocus a flower in the Iris family. According to a study in Alternative Medicine review taking Saffron stigma( the end of the the carpel or rod like stem in the flower) has been shown to be effective in treating mild to moderate depression.


SAM-e , S-adenosylmethionine is a supplement design to act like a synthetic form of bodies natural mood boosting chemicals .But one should not take Sam e along with the anti-depressants.

You should be careful with it as it can cause health effects such as upset stomach and constipation if you take too much.


They may be a link between low level of Folic acid and depression. Taking 500 mg of Folic acid has been linked with improving the effectiveness of other antidepressant medicines.

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